I have simple H-S-H, 5-way switch, 1 V, 1 Tone controlled Ibanez, I want to add DiMarzio (D-Sonic and Evo) pickups with a little complicated setting: I want


1. N H/ N H Parralel + S/ S / S + B H Parralel/B N

Split coil in push-pull tone control:

2. N H (single coil)/ N H (single coil) + S/ S / S + B H (single coil)/ B H (single coil)

and: selection of which pickup (closer to neck or bridge) I want to use in split otion for D-Sonic - with using 2-way switch (or maybe it's possible to use simple 3-way switch, I have one in my closet)

Guitar wiring diagram

Please help me!
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