Hi I searched for this and found nothing!Im a Huge rage fan and would love to see them back together!why did they split and was anyone here lucky enough to see them??

Thanks guys!

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they split cuz zach is an asshole who won't talk about anything but polotics and was making the band all about him. when audioslave were on their last break (before this album came out) the guys were offered 6 figures each to get back together with zach and they said hell no, so that tells you about the feelings in the band
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i would have thought that those guys wouldnt do anything for 6 figures just because some guys in a suit wnat them to. thats the impression i get after listening to RATM.
RATM were never about the money so that wouldnt work. Zach was a prick but a great lyricist nonetheless...they just seperated on different political views i think..it all got a bit extreme although im sure i saw something on this website not long ago about them maybe getting back together but ah well... Audioslave arent the best in my opinion..they are far too quiet...their first album was good but now that ive got revelations i just think it all sounds the same.
Tom wanted Audioslave to be more political I think. That's why he has his Nightwatchman project, because it didn't turn out like he'd hoped. I read that somewhere.
Where has Zach gone? I've heard rumblings of a reunion, but what has he done since the end of the band?
He's cutting a new album though I forgot who he's collbaorartting with. Someone really really really good. That's all I remember.

As for RATM....

They were one of the greatest bands ever but I wasn't very surpised to know that they broke up.
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Their sound was incredible
a lot of dropped D guitar playing and extremlly trippy guitar solos from morello
but at the time of the break up 9/11 was around the corner, and that would have fueled at least 2 RATM albums
If time went on the "RATM"sound would have been emulated many times and their sound would have gotten stale and since ZACH left the memebers still want to make music, and only music regardless if it is politcal or if it is about elaborate metaphors and acustic songs

IF RATM were to get back together MTV would be all over it, and most likely ruin it
ok wats 6 figures and chris cornell is a batter singer the zach dela rosa
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ok wats 6 figures and chris cornell is a batter singer the zach dela rosa

anything 100,000 +
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i think its a good thing they stopped when they did
i like to see bands go out with a bang, their last album was their best imo. id rather see that than the band continuing to make albums with a deterioating quality. so i say kudos to probably one of the most memorable bands in the 20th century
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I just heard he's collaborating with Jon Theodore - Mars Volta.
I used to like them a lot, but then I sort of decided it's easy to rap/sing about revolutions but when all you're doing is rapping/singing about it it's kind of dumb. The S/T is still a classic though.
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I love Rage. They're one of my favorite all time bands ever. I think that Zack is an amazing lyricist and a great MC. I also think that they had the greatest drummer in modern rock, Brad Wilk. And who can forget Tom, he's an innovative god.