About two days ago I noticed that my left wrist the one I fret with started hurting more than when I just played, I think I pulled something on it or over used it perhaps during that last session. It hurts on the pinkies side of the wrist on the very side of it. Normaly this hurts when I am fretting stuff espeacily at the top of the neck of the bass guitar. Now is this perhaps a normal pain and I just maybe over did it when I played last time. Since I have really only bene playing at max 2 weeks? Or am i maybe fretting wrong?
You have only been playing two weeks? It may be that your playing it wrong... Maybe you should try stretching it before you play.
I could be playing wrong but I have looked around and gotten technique books and as far as I know I don't think I am, its just the wrist bend at the very top of the frests is diffrent from anything I have done.
there's fine line between pain and challenging your muscles. if you go to the gym or play some intensive sports you might know what i'm talking about. if it's pain your playing wrong. if it's that challenging muscle building feeling you might still be playing wrong, but at least your wrists are becoming stronger. A good way to guage is basically wait till the next day and check the tension on your wrist by doing some basic forearm excercises - if you get sharp pains, somethings not right.
doesnt start off as pain really it feels stiff after playing and sorta hurts when i shake out my hand.
I used to get that stretching pain myself when i started. But now, it's not a problem.
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The closest thing to what you have that I had was a bee sting on my picking hand pinky. That sucked...
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After you exercise the small muscles in your hand a lot, and get them used to the mechanics of playing, it will not exactly go away, but the pain will lessen, your tolerance and stamina will increase, and you'll learn to live and love the pain. Not TOO MUCH pain, just a little. If it is dicomforting, you may be fretting wrong, or have the bass real low, so when you fold your hand around the neck, it is hard to reach the notes easily. I know playing low kinda looks cool, but it's just painful, and your back and wrists and hands will hurt.
Try to learn to play with good posture, and with your hands in a comfortable position. If you play and your back hurts and your hands cramp up twenty minutes into playing, your not gonna make it through a whole set, and how do you explain to a crowd that you need a 10 minute break cause your hand hurts, or you can't play on.
Go watch guys play at shows, watch for the more accomplished, comfortable looking players. And always listen to your elders. They may be old, but that's cause they;ve been doing it longer.
normaly I hold the bass upwards, dunno feels better that way. To be its really the strange angle my wrist is at when its up there. I may also tense my wrist when I play higher up on the fret board now that i am looking at it, but I will try and relax more and maybe find a more confterable position and see if that helps any.
You're probably holding it too low. The neck joint should be level with the navel or higher. Ish.
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holding it to where the first fret is about even with my shoulder.
Your wrist is not straight.

You have to have to have to have to have to have to keep it straight.
You must never ever tense up
You must never ever tense up
You must never ever tense up
So i have to keep my wrist completly stright like aligned with my forearm stright no matter where i am playing on the neck?
Huh thats gonna be hard to keep it stright using 4 fingers on top 4 frets... I guess i will just have to get used to it.