Hey, guys! No Interpol thread!
A fantastic indie band indeed! Hey Indie-likers! Reply
What do u think of Interpol?
'Turn on the bright lights' is top.

Good band indeed.
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The Books.
one of my favourite bands! take you on a cruise <3
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actually there has been quite a few Interpol threads in the past months I think....

But I dont care .... I Love this band soo much I can talk about them all day!
Amazing band. Still haven't seen them live yet. Turn On The Bright Lights is bliss.
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And I actually I like Antics better than Turn on The Bright Lights.
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There is an Interpol thread, I started it. So in answer to your question "Yeah, they're great".

Oh, sorry man
they are genius. i cant wait for their 3rd album, considering how much they progressed with the 2nd. could you see them becoming huge like the cure?
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Is it just me or are there like 2698649 Interpol threads floating around?

Regradless of how many threads there are, Interpol are a great band. With a great style. I still think TOTBL is better than Antics but both rule.
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I love what they do and how they do it. They are subtle but strong. The bass player plays really groovie lines.
They seam WAY to stylized to me. They're just really fishy. Can't seam to get into their music either.
They have a few songs that I like, but I dont listen to them much.
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ive heard a few of their songs and loved them i was just wondering what some of their best songs were i wanna hear more
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they're decent. are they known around here as a great live band for some reason? i've seen them, granted at a festival, but it was an average show. they came, took off their jackets, played and that's it. sounded pretty decent, but far from an amazing show.
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Yeah, I like them. I've got Antics, and it's great.