Help!!! PLEASE? I was just playing some guitar riffs because I just got back from school and the two...bolt things fell off the imput area of my amp and I can barely hear a thing on my electric :S One of the bolts is completely circular and the other has 6 sides. I NEED MY ELECTRIC! AHa =[
one is called a "washer" and the other (six-sided) is called a "nut." Unplug your amp from the wall, get something to pull the jack out of the body (preferably non-metallic), then slip the washer over the end then screw the nut on. Problem solved. If you can't retrieve the jack, you gotta take it to the shop.
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I have no idea what you just said Im a complete n00b at those type of things 8) Its a Squier Sidekick amp...pretty crappy but :S I NEED IT FIXED! Explain it like you would to a n00b
the place where you put ur lead in, Yank it out n screw the **** on, sorted.