Put the drachma on my eyes.
I am no more, my soul flies
to the underworld surprise.

In the Styx I drift afloat,
A single damp raft my boat.
From depths within demons gloat:

I feel the dead leer at me;
Sailing the Skeleton Sea,
Schackled into slavery.

Alone I regret my sin.
Every trivial thing
Every evil to bring

to Satan; my fate depends
The worst of the worst friends.
With him alone my life ends.

At my Home I had no shame
At my Home there was no blame
At this Home: eternal flame

My ugly sins are many
Yet somehow I am set free,
Through mercy of the deity.

For in my life of black sin,
Simple Goodness lay within.
Paradise nearing angels sing:

The placed drachma on his eyes.
He is no more, his soul flies
As he ascends to the skies.

This is my first post, so tell me what you think
I think it just reads a little weird with the three line rhymes..could be improved.
I dont get the Satan part.. what are you some kind of devil worshipper.
And wtf is Drachma?
Drachma is a coin placed on people eyes so when the find themselves at the banks of the styx river they will have a coin to pay the ferry to carry them across as to not be left in limbo/pergetory.

You've seriously got your mythologies mixed up in those lyrics. Lines are to short for song, and the lyrics are to weak needs a lot of work or a rewrite.