Recently I have seen there are many makes of Gibson Les Paul:

-Les Paul Junior
-Les Paul Studio
-Les Paul Custom
-Les Paul Standard

I have some questions:

1) What is the difference between the standard and the others?

2) I have heard that some variations are lighter than the standard. Which ones are these?

3) Overall, which one is the best? I hear that Les Pauls suit all kinds of music, so my playing style is not important.

4) What are the necks and bodies like? Are they easy to play?
What I can tell you is this: Studio doesn't have all cosmetics like binding that standard does. They all play wonderfully, and have fat ebony/rosewood necks. Isn't a best one really, but studio and junior's quality may not be as high. Apparently they don't sound as good either,hens the cheaper price. Custom has gold hardware, only difference that i know.
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1) The quality control is better with the standards than, say, the studios, so unless you know how to test a guitar out properly (Which you should if you're buying a gibson!!!) i'd get a standard. Other than that, the difference between the studio and the standard is the pickups, neck width (depending on weather or not you want a '60 slim taper neck) and cosmetics of course. The Custom has loads better quality control than the standard btw.

2) Les paul godess i think. Maybe the vixen too, im not sure.

3) They're all good, depends on weather or not you find a good one. I wouldn't say either one is better than the others, because the only difference is, as i said, in cosmetics, pickups and quality control.

4) Some feel the upper fret access is really bad, which i think is bull****, but then im used to the neck, and i've got no problem with accessing the higher frets. Depends on how used you are to them. For me, nothing beats a good old solid les paul. I also think they're easier to play than other guitars, but again, preferance.
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