Okay i'm going to be down-tuning on my explorer a lot (keep my other guitar w/ floyd in standard.)

Anyway so i was wondering should I got with .11's or .12's for something like Drop C/B also if so, which are the best brands to do so? I know nothing about the thicker strings so I was wondering if anybody knew what was the best bang for the buck.
you should go like .13s for that low. try different sets, if you dont like one go for another.
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have you had a look at some of the hybrid sets around, they might be more useful if you like the stability of low tunings but the manuverability of lighter strings. As a "general" rule 11's should suffice for Drop C and such, but its just a matter of perference to string gauge for those tunings, some people might use something like 11's for Drop B whereas someone else might use 13's or so....
Try GHS Nickel Rockers. I use them and they're great strings.
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Yeah i think i'll try out the GHS Boomers first. I guess i'll start off with 11's since i'm used to 9's and then work upward if i feel the need to in the future.
I use D'Addario 12s and I drop tune to C, and they work pretty well.
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i dont use heavy strings because i only have one guitar right now and need to tune up to standard, but my friend keeps his guitar in drop C and uses the Ernie Ball "Not Even Slinky" packs, and i really liked playing them

there like 13-18-24-36-48-58 i think...if i have a good memory
check them out tho, especally if you like ernie ball strings, it's the dark green wrapper