Did you sing too? If so damn! Great job. I noticed the guitar was a wee bit off in certain place but 1,000 times better than I could do. Great job.
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yeah it sounded pretty good. i think the vocals and the guitar tracks would sound better independantly though. the guitar was solid enough but it sounded like the speed of the song wasnt a speed you were very happy to be singing. as a result your timing was off. Maybe just listen to the original a bit to get a better of the feel of where the vocals should start and stop and how they should be emphasized to sound better. And i realize that a cover doesnt have to be exactly like the original, but in this case the vocals werent off as a result of you trying to give it your own feel, but rather becuase it was just off-time in places. Vocal tone was good.
thats is an awesome cover!! great job! awesome singing voice!!
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Guitar sounds solid. Vocals are good too, like someone else said timing is just a hair off in spots. You could try rephrasing some of it to make it fit the chords a little better and more original or you could just listen to it a couple more times and get it down. By no means am I saying the vocals suck! There pretty awsome actually just need to sink up a bitt better in a FEW spots overall a GREAT job! 8/10

crit for crit please
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Timing was a hair off, vocals were mostly solid but i thought there was a few places where you could have done something better with your voice.

Other than that i thought it was really good.
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Not bad dude. I liked your cover of "Name." Good job!

Props for liking the Goos :P