I bought the CS-3 Boss pedal a week and a half ago? it is ok. it does sustain the note for a while. but the problem is that it give a twang sound on some notes you play. its really agrivating when you use delay because you hear that hard sound repeating. do you guys know of any good sustain pedals?
Hmm... I've heard that about the Cs-3. That it sometimes adds an unintentional "crunch" to your sound. I noticed a slight variation of what you're talking about when I played around with one at guitar center a while back. It seemed to give a glassy "pop" to the notes I played, which I wasnt too thrilled about.

Not much to say I guess. If you're unhappy with the way it sounds, you're better off selling/returning it and find a new one. The sooner you get the tone you want, the sooner you'll be able to focus solely on your playing and not have to worry about gear all the time. Good luck.
if you can return it to get all your money back, do that.

if you can't, and can solder, there are some kits that claim to improve the tone- google montealleums (something like that), they do one. I have no experience with them.

or alternatively, if you can't solder, sell it, and put that towards a better compressor- look into some of the boutique companies...
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