i'm in 10th grade working my ass off, my mom said if i pick my grades up she'll buy me a new guitar. i'm thinking a 7 string, because i love really low tunings (drop A) but i know that it isn't good to go that low on a 6 string. and if i had a 7 string, i could just drop the B.

i was thinking the ESP LTD VP407 viper. anybody have any experience with it? if not, what do you think?

EDIT: my price limit is 700$
scissors, to get rid of the extra string

nah alot of Korn is on 7 - string
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i have a ibanez 7string and a Schecter...Schecter by fast is the best.has the right scale length to drop it to A. i think all ibanez guitars have just standerd scale lengths. havent tried any other 7 string apart from them. but id recommend Schecters hellraiser and BlackJack collection for a 7 string

Schecter 007 BlackJack
schecter c7 hellraiser
ibanez k7
Krank Revolution one stack
Tech 21 Trademark 30
Digitech Whammy Pedal
tech 21 killer wail