ok so im thinking about selling/trading in my rig (amp and pedals, maybe the strat) for a multi effect board (floor or desk), cuz im not in a band, wont be in one anytime soon, and only really play late at night or recording (which never sounds good due to the equipment i have.) now here's what im looking at as far as boards go... (prices US)... keep in mind i will keep the EX7(unless these other boards have built in XP300 sounds and good pitch shifters), so consider an external pedal as you think about these selections and how they'll react to it.

ToneWorks: AX1500G, 200 / AX3000, 300
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Vox: Tonelab, 300
POD: POD2, 200 / XT: 300 / XT Live: 400
Behringer: Vamp 2, 100 / Vamp Pro, 170
M-Audio: Black Box, 200

i dunno about Boss' GT8 since it seems a little more in depth than the others are. i dunno, i just hate mic'ing my amp and getting a less than desirable sound on a demo. also, i could prolly get things a little cheaper since i have some connections at GC, and plan on playing around with them before i buy, but would you guys look into greater detail if you were in my shoes. thanks for the help. i already like the M-Audio, if only for the built in drum machine, recording software and beat sync'd effects.

since i have alot of gear im asking about, i didnt want to post pics so i'll post links to the products.

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Line 6 PODXT

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Digitech GNX3

Digitech GNX3000

Digitech GNX1

M-Audio Black Box

ToneWorks AX1500G

ToneWorks AX3000
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the only one i've tried is the digitech 3000, it was ok. trust me though, i will hurt you if you sell your rig.
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hey man. redoing you whole rig may be what you want but it wont be worth it. becasue you arnt gonna get **** for used equipment unless its high quality. ie (expensive amps guitars) like you spent 800+ for amp and 800+ for guitar. even then your gonna loose a ton of money