Hey guys,

Just a lil' gripe/question about modellers.

I currently have a POD 2.0 and am considering upgrading to a Behringer V-Amp Pro. But there are some niggles I was wondering are POD-related or modellers-related or computer-related.

Essentially, high-gain sounds out of my POD come out muddy, and the bass is very flabby and there's generally a lot of fuzz. I have an M-Audio Firewire sound-card, which is a good card, and it has a clip thing on it and I get fuzz and extra distortion even when the sound isn't clipping.

Could it be the PC speakers? It sounds like that could explain the fuzz, but I'm now somewhat dubious about high-gain sounds out of modellers...

Is it a general thing with modellers?
Is it just the POD 2.0?
Should I still upgrade?

Perhaps I should just get Line6 Guitarport? As I'm using this set-up for home practice and at university where low volumes are all I can use, should I buy this as it's cheap and set-up for my PC?

My only question with it is - can you use it with another recording program such as Audacity?
sometimes i have a problem where even if my input signal doesnt show clipping, there is clipping due to my programs input limits. try turning down the input slightly to see if that helps at all. i think it is just a difference in the ammount of signal your devices can take, because i know that thats the problem i have.