ok i want to know how or what a natural harmonic is and how to play it i tried to look on the web for the explination but cant seem to find any so i decidded to search here, so does anyone have any good explinations
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i could tell you but better to go to: http://www.cyberfret.com/techniques/index.php scroll down and go to either natural or pinch harmonics and read from there. hope it helps
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Ok natural harmonic..... take the 7th fret on your D string..assuming you are tuned to Standard ...

Place the tip of ur finger on the string over the 7th fret but do NOT hold the fret down... then pick the string quite hard...harder for a more clearer harmonic..fiddle around with the position of ur finger on the string until u get the right sound... wb if u want to kno about pinch harmonics
Ok. So the main natural harmonics are on the 5th, 7th and 12th fret. There's harmonics for every string across those frets. Now, say you wanted to hit a natural harmonic on the 12th frte, B string. Place your finger ABOVE the fret on the B string, like so.. |--|-(|)-|--| presuming that the verticle lines are the frets, and the ( ) is your finger. Do not press down on the fret, just let your finger rest on it. Now, pick that string, and release your frettign finger right away. (that was it will get the most sustain and sound). So it's like a spring reaction, you pick the string, and your fretting finger pops up. You must be directly above the fret to get the clearest sound, and remember to release your finger for mroe sustain.

Hope that helped.

Also, if you would like to hear about tuning using with harmonics, let me know.
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