So Im playing in a band but Ive been borrowing a friends amp. Im saving up for my own and I was planning on saving up for a vox ad50vt. The band plays hardcore but I play every kind of music on my own. I use pedals for distortion and right now there is a crate XT65R on sale at Guitar Center. Ive heard a lot of bad stuff about crate but that theyre clean channels are good. So I guess my question is do I save up for the Vox or get the Crate?
The Vox AD series can do any-****ing-thing. They are amazing amps. I have the AD30 and it's coolio for sure. You'll spend a week messing with the effects before you probably decide to actually use it lol.

I say go for the Vox. But play it before you buy it
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I'm presonally saving for the ad120vt, although my friends are trying to presuade me to save up for the ad120vtx, which costs £100 more or so, and has no extra features that i can see. But yeah, those amps are amazing
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I'd take the VOX...
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erm...for hardcore im very unsure about using a vox
i was unable to get the vox at my local shop anywhere near hardcore status, that's without pedals tho, none of that heavy good sound.

but if your using pedals for your distortion...i personally would try to take your pedals in and test them out with the vox. I've heard that vox doesn't take pedals to well, but i've heard it the other way around too, i personally have never hooked up pedals to a vox so im unsure about that.

oh yeah definatly don't get the crate

and from my expierences, my hardcore stuff is loud, are you sure the 50 watts is going to be loud enough?

for hardcore solidstates, check out some randall stuff, i personally love there G3 Valves, even tho they dont have the amp models, i really liked the distortion and i played a Boss D-1, even tho it isn't a hardcore distortion pedal, it (the amp) took the pedal really good and sounded great on the amp, especally for a solidstate.