I've been playing for a while and need to step up with my gear. I currently use a cheap Washburn + crate practice amp and my bros Martin for accoustic. Since I play anything from Classical to Metal, I want it to be versatile...something i can use in my bedroom with headphones to (hopefully sometime in the future) small gigs. I'm thinking about geting a podxt, schecter C-1 E/A, (I like the idea of switching from accoustic to humbucker sounds without changing guitars) and maybe a G-Dec. Or I could just go with an american strat with accoustic effects? I plan on trading in my $1600 laptop for all this. Any suggestions?
well i recomend an good ibanez,fender with a bucker in the bridge,a gibson sg or even a nice paul reed smith.for a amp try the vox valvetronix ad30 or 50.effects i dont really know but my buddy has a pod and i find it extreamly easy to use.plus with the pod you download something called crystal and you can recornd directly for the guitar>pod >computer so its a really great deal.