I've already posted this once, but it didn't get many replies. So I went through, corrected and finished it to bring back here and get some crits.
kaitlyns song.zip
The bassline sounds aboslutely horrendous...Catchy guitar track but it doesn't seem to go along with the rest of the song, neither does the piano. It doesn't seem to blend at all...Sorry but needs some work. :S Keep trying though, the song has something to say for it.
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its called

^I thought the guitar tracks went very well with each other. Anyways, thanks for the crit.
it was a little random? i thought it was going to stay like a nice pop type sounding song and then out of no where there are these scale runs and then it goes into a breakdown and i was just like, wtheck?

haha i enjoyed it but im not sure if its because i liked the music or it was funny how there was an unexpected breakdown.