What are really good foot pedals, I need on for my acoustic guitar so it makes it sound like an electric, and is there one that turns the amp off when you press it so I can play songs with acoustic and electric parts it, and also name foot pedals that would really up my playing for really cool sounding solos.
I just bought a Digitech RP80 and it sounds great with an acoustic, and yes it can be turned off when wanting to play just acoustic. Here is a pic....

Digitech RP80
those digitech RP series multi fx pedals are great, i have the RP100, but just keep in mind, that later on when you get more advanced you'll want single pedals for giging and stuff

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For the turning the amp off and playing acoustic, you could just get a volume pedal, and when you want to go acoustic, turn the volume down with your foot.
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