You you right there, tell me how to fingerpick.

What fingers should I use, ect.
for the three lowest strings use your thumb... for the g string use index... for b string use middle... for e string use ring
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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you pluck the strings with your fingers..i prefer to use my thumb and pointer finger..sometimes middle finger if needed
i use my ring finger too, but i'm a guitar player also, that's where i picked that up. i use my thumb for the lowest 2, then my other 3 for the 3 higher strings
Use all of them. The best way is to start slowly by practicing fingerpicking 32nd note triplets at 200bpm, then work your way up.
Okay thanks.

@second replier
do you only play mary had a little lamb or something?!
Haha bumper you kill me. Just start by using two fingers alternating, or really as many as you feel comfortable with.
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i use three fingers in either index-middle-ring or index-middle-ring-middle, and my thumb when doing octaves...

i almost never use my pinky when playing... =/
Pinkies can suck it. I dont even use my thumb. Dont know where your getting that.
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i use thumb on E and A, and pointer and middle for the DG. never use my pinky
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it depends where im play on the neck, sometimes i will use my thumb for the E,A and D and just my pointing finger for the G.
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i use thumb on E and A, and pointer and middle for the DG. never use my pinky
do you not have a ring finger?

oh, and I use my thumb for chording.
I mainly use my index and middle. Sometimes i use my ring but thats mainly for slapping. It's hard for me to use my pinky cause i broke it as a child so its not near as long as my other fingers.
I use all of my fingers to pick except the thumb. I don't use the pinky as much as the others, but it's useful in the right spots.
I started out using just my thumb then eventually moved onto index-middle combination...
Then I got more into index-middle-ring and now I use the thumb-index-middle combination more than ever.
For chords I usually rest my thumb on string above those I'm playing the chord on (or if it's the B string I rest my thumb on the pickup) and just let my fingers loose, as if you have your fingers are all closing your hand and then you suddenly open it. (and close it again and repeat)
Anyway, as for which to use more often than others, depends on what you're playing I guess.
e.g. for the fifths for the intro of Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark for A and D the thumb-index combination works best and for D and G probably index-middle.... yup.
Started out as just thumb picking, then moved onto middle and index picking. I've even been using my ring recently, but my pinky is neither strong enough nor long enough for me to use it properly, so don't really worry about all fingers until you're REALLY good.

Suggest trying whatever suits you best really. Play around. It does make it easier if you use all fingers, especially with those akward long strings of notes.
well i played guitar for about 1 and a half year so my fingers are pretty strong and fast, right now im doing ring-middle-index-ring-middle-index ect. and right now i can go as fast as 220bpm, 2 notes per b (is it called 8th notes?)

I want to play lead bass n' shred, so I guess thats the way to do it.