I just recently got into French music, mainly Edith Piaf and I was wondering if anybody else here likes that kind of music!

I'm thinking about chekcing out Serge Gainsbourg, but I'm not sure of what to get by him.

Any artists you guys would reccomend?
edit piath, all i have to say is.. BLACH

I hate most french music

EDIT: except Air and M83 <3
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Camille. I've had a slight obsession with her this year. There is not one fault on 'Le fil', the live album was a bit of a let down, and I still haven't managed to get the first album, but at some point it will end up in my hands (probably Christmas).

There's also a self-titled album by Darkel coming out soon, definitely one to check out.

Can't think at the moment, but French music is decent, but the better stuff tends to be electronic or hip hop (in my opinion).
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Jean-Francois Pauvros - La belle decisive

pretty good it is.

Edit: Very guitar driven, but sounding more like a composed piece of music rather than an individual track/song based album.
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The Books.
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Serge Gainsbourg is my hero, and one musically crazy SOB.
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If you want to get into Gainsbourg, go for Histoire de Melody Nelson.

We Are Wolves put on one of the most amazing live shows I've ever seen. Their recorded stuff , on the other hand, is good, but not great. They're from Montreal, though.

But hot damn, they're bloody amazing live. Bloody amazing.