Hey! I was wondering, if any of you guys can recommend any tube amps with a clean or pure sound, I like playing blues, rock, jazz, and psycadellic stuff. But I would like a diverse amp that can sound good with any type of genre of music, but I also want one with a very clean sound fitting to my style. So if you do know about any good tube amps, then please give out your advice.
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I have a JCM600 which is perfect for blues, jazz, rock.. most things, though.
i tried my friends, i really didnt like it, i play metal mostly, and i hated how the note seems kind of quiet for like a split second before it gets full
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What the hell is so great about tube amps?
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My Traynor YCV80 has a really sweet clean channel, and the dirty channel can do an awesome crunch or fairly heavy distortion if you want it, though I mainly just use crunch. plus, it has a main volume and seperate channel volumes, so if you turn up the clean volume really high and the main low, you can get a really sweet blues overdrive without too much volume.

And for those asking about tube amps, the main difference is just the tone. There are different overtones generated by tubes than by transistors, and the ones created by tubes are often more harmonic while the ones created by transistors are often more dissonant (there are bad tube amps and good transistor amps where this isn't neccisarily true, but most often, you'll find a transistor amp to have a harsher, less pleasing tone than a tube amp). I don't know what was going on with your friend's amp, libertad, but the type of circuitry should only effect the tone, not the attack of the note. I've never heard of such a problem with a tube amp before... was the guitar maybe going through a whammy pedal or synth pedal or something like else that could've delayed the signal?
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