I just read about this thing that claims to work for switching between regular and drop-D tunings on a floating bridge guitar. does it work well?? anyone here had any experience with this thing? is it easy to install and will i need to make any significant changes to the body of my guitar??
and yeah, i have the Edge Pro trem, (Ibanez JS1000), and not a Floyd Rose... Does that matter?
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you need a floyd and you have to block the trem

You dont have to block the trem, the Wolfgang is fitted with the same type of drop tunner. Ive never used one myself, but i have heard that they work fine.
You don't have to make any adjustments to the body, I think. It looks like it just gets fitted into your trem. I would like to have one too.
The one I played at GC never would stay in tune. WHen i would drop it to D, it would stay sharp. When i brought it back to E, it would be flat. It seemed waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy more trouble than its worth, tuning to d only takes me like 30 secs. How many songs do you play that switch from E to D in the same song? None.
I like how my backstop in my ZR keeps the trem flat when I drop D...

Otherwise the Drop-Tuna would be a cool idea
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JS1000, Edge Pro? yes it matters most. A D-Tuna wont fit inside that, it doesnt have string lockers such as normal OFR also, D-tuna would fit perfectly well on un-recessed Floyd Roses, so if you have a recessed ones you'd most probably need to route/sand a bit the front cavity.
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yeah you need a new trem, you can buy a few i think with those already fitted, and you usually have to use the fine tuner as well to get it to pitch.
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How many songs do you play that switch from E to D in the same song? None.

My Ass is on Fire by Mr. Bungle.
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My Ass is on Fire by Mr. Bungle.

YES that song owns. Can you tab it? Ive been looking for a decent tab but so far...no luck.