aight check it. i've had my mexican fender for 2.5 years and i've been seriously playing the guitar for a little under a year. i've picked it up pretty quickly because i've ben playing bass for 3 years and play both my bass and guitar for a couple of hours a day. now heres how it goes i am thinking about my next guitar purchase and i have narrowed it down to 4 guitars. either an alpine white gibson les paul, a white Ivory Jackson RR5 Rhoads Pro Electric Guitar, a jetglo black ricenbacker 330 or a ibanez RGT42DX. i know y'all are going to say it's personal choice and such but i would like the all knowing omnipotent advice of the ultimate guitar forum. these are all over or around $1000 canadian. i write/help-write punk guitar lines in my band "Committed To Apathy", enjoy playing "nu-metal"/good metal. plus i also play guitar/bass in my own band "Jimmie Fights the Funkasaraus". and ijust like to play some slow jams and do fun stuff so i'm not really confined to any genra. however, to contradict myself i associate with good (not Greenday or anything like that) punk

also i am going to upgrade my rig before i get this so i will most likely have a marshall tsl50 head with a marshall 1960a cab.

to clarify what type of music i like my 3 favorite bands in order are 1. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 2. Bad Religion, 3. System of A Down
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cool any other sugestions
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c'mon no other opinions. ps i'm getting the amp in 1.5 weeks
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Sorry I don't have any reccomendation as I don't know anything about any of them...

but I must say the name "Jimmie Fights The Funkasaraus" is pretty damn sweet.
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If you want a trem equipped ibanez go with the rg1570 instead of the rgt42.
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would you like to use a trem? do you like to change tunings? and which RGT42DX is it the hardtail model?
i like changing tuneing to drop D, but i think i'm just going to but a Les paul studio (alpine white) instead
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