RG321mh (mahogony oil)

Drop-D and Standard tuned metal is what i play mostly. Most of my time is spent on the bridge pickup, so i want a good chug from the bridge pickup. I would like something sparkly from the neck, because any time i play clean, its from the neck.

I have a 5150/ peavy slant cab. Im trying to avoid EMG's, as i have them in two of my other guitars. I want to try a Passive pickup for once.

Cliff notes:

Need new pickups
Good chug from the bridge
Bright sparkly from the neck
No emgs

Thanks for the help!
dimebuckers are pretty good.
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I loveee my seymour duncan jb in the bridge and my 59' in the neck, very nice good for me, perfect for hard rock. maybe for some metal try the dimarzio x2n, they're the hottest pickups out there that are passive.
I'd say JB bridge, Alnico II neck.
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A Dimebucker in the bridge suprisingly didn't sound too bad. Thats what I put on mine.

Why not EMGs?
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