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Yay or Nay?

I saw one at the Music Den in Ledgewood, NJ for $349. My dad didn't want me to get it because I really didn't know anything about it; fair enough. So, I ask you Gear & Accessories posters, what's the deal with Hartke amps on the whole?

EDIT: It was $349 for the Head and Cab, though the models weren't listed and I'm searching for them now.
ok its simple they are crap they make nice bass stuff but their guitar gear is ****
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Yeah, but it's a guitar amp. I guess I'll go pick it up tomorrow. I mean, I can always return it if it's not up to par.

that piggy back stack looks kinda alright if you wanted an SS stack without it being enormous and useless - and it's meant to be kinda good sounding - but it's no match for the classics.