so i need some advice...
from what i hear floyd rose locking tremolo arms are the only type of arm you can use for getting those crazy tricks (i.e. dragonforce) i was wondering if its possible for you to do the same thing with a bigsby? can anyone help me out?
Hell no. Bigsby's are for small amounts of vibrato. Probably about 1 half step (1 fret) in each direction, maybe a little more for the wound strings. You can't make the strings go floppy with a bigsby like you can with a floyd.
exactly. like beatles vibrato. like if you listen to a beatles song and hear that fast little vibrato that they use in beach boys songs and other bands as well, thats what they're using.

with the floyd rose you can go to standars tuning, to making your strings sound like rubber bands.
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It's preference on which you'd like better and what you need.

Personally, I would take a Bigsby over a Floyd... but I don't do crazy divebombs or anything like that.
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