I'm considering trading my black/rosewood 1993 HSH with Seymour Duncans USA Strat with pearl faceplate and a little cash ($300) for a new American Deluxe USA S-1 SSH Sunburst maple Strat with Cobalts.

Does this seem like a fair trade and has anyone had any experience with those Cobalt pups?

YES! However, I would never sell a guitar I owned for 13 years. I'm assuming you're the original owner.
good trade but seriously try out the other guitar before you do the trade to see if you like it and if you think to yourself if its worth it
that is a good trade, it's like saying i'll give you my ant if you give me your fly.

This is not an edit: Once i read this i figured it is a quite senseless, but oh well.
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It's an alright trade, have you played the new Deluxe Strat that you're trading for? And compared it next to your Strat? You should.
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Got the Deluxe today!! Sunburst & Rosewood. It's simply the best guitar I've ever owned! This one is a keeper!!!