I hope I'm in the right place for this.

I've been playing seriously for a little over a year now, and I'd like someone to tell me whether I should be pushing myself harder to learn new things, or whether I'm learning at a good pace. I learned Classical Gas in a week, for a guage, without taking lessons. Also, I got Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton in a couple of days, a few months ago. It would be helpful for someone to tell me where I should be, and whether i'm moving along at a good speed.
Why shouldn't you be pushing yourself harder to learn new things? How often do you practice?
Dont ever feel that you are pushing yourself too much, you should always underestimate your practising. That way you will want to practise more, which obviously is good.

Also, dont worry about where you are at the moment. If you have played for a year and have only just got a B chord down you need to try harder. If you have mastered sweep picking in a month try harder. Its as simple as that.

Im sorry I cant answer your question, it is partly inanswerable, because everyone learns at different speeds, but I hope I have pointed out to you the question itself is redundant.

But for moral boosting purposes, you are moving at a great speed, but not good enough!. Practise more whatever, best advise ever.
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