what are some good high gain distortion tube amps? such as the jcm2000. im looking into mesa boogies but i dont know what amps of theirs is good for a good alternative/hardcore/metal sound. suggestions?
peavy 6505

mesa/boogie double recto

jcm2000 is pretty good, imo

price range?
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there are loads of them. what's your price range, and what tones do you like?
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i tried out the ENGL screamer 50 head into a THD 2x12 locally, and the cleans were very very good. Very nice distortion too. Although that amp is little too modern and bright sounding for my taste, but something to look into.

I suggest going for a head and cab setup. Combos are a really bitch to lug around.
i think a mesa mark IV is your best bet or anything mentioned above
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i think a mesa mark IV is your best bet or anything mentioned above

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice!

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