ill tell you if you like the look, go for it.....because those things are built solid, in one fo the the guitar world magazine flash guitar reviews, ned stienbergers puts the guitar across to chairs and stands on the neck, with no damage whatsoever to the guitar
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My guitar teacher has one. They're crazy.
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Yea definitely go for. They are very well made and hardly anyone uses them. i think you will be very satisfied.
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are you aware of how much they cost?

umm..YES. its pretty cheap too comparing to what i was goin to buy, because i was goin for ibanez 370dx, but this guitar looks way better so ima start savin money now and hopefully ill get it in a month or so
steinbergers look amazing, sound amazing, price is great, but if ur gonna get one be sure to get the right model and the one that u will always use. They are also fun to play. btw, that model u picked out is my favorite one too. wont find anything like it elsewhere.
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yeah i love it too. as soon as i saw it like a year ago i was like I GOTA HAVE IT, but then i forgot bout it and never did but then i came across it last nite. but still they have a different model that looks the same but its in sunburst. that one is ALOT BETTER, but they dont make those leftys
steinberger is probably the easiest trem to work with.. i recently got one and it has since become my main axe.. and i wouldnt bother putting emg's in there.. maybe dimarzios.. or some s-duncs but emgs dont go well with a steinberger IMO
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Its one of the lower end models which doesnt hold a candle to the higher end models but nonetheless still a good guitar.
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i was asking bout EMGs becuase it said that the pickups were EMG select, but its Select that were designed by EMG, not real EMGs. i guess