hey i just got a slide two days ago and im pretty good at it so far. I have been playing the regular style for 3 years now so im really good like that. Can somone give me some songs to start out playing? i am learning Free Bird, which im doing pretty well on, and Little Bird by White stripes. So i dont really want something with a little bit of a challenge to it..thanks
Led Zeppelin - What is and What Should Never Be

cool slide solo

and check out allman brothers lots o good slide, check irst 3 albums
Scar tissue by the red hot chili peppers had some good slide breaks in it give that a try
look for some easy stevie ray vaughen he uses a slide constantly
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U2, Bullet the Blue Sky. More hardrock than blues.
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yeah i like led zeppelin a lot. I was checkin out In My Time Of Dying, Dancing Days, when the levee breaks, and travaling riverside blues. I noticed The Whites Stripes has a lot of slide in it to
Temple of the King by Rainbow, the solo is done with a slide, very mellow but sounds really good