What's the best way to learn guitar and music theory? Through a book, person or video? I want to learn theory so I can start songwriting because everyone knows that you can get lucky putting some chords together but you do need to know theory to get the most out of writing.

BTW my Creative Writing teacher is starting a guitar club in my high school, I'm joining it!
The only person who can answer that question is you. How do you most effectively learn? When you study for a test, do you have to talk about it with someone else or do you get the book and sit by yourself? Do you find you learn more about a subject from a teacher's lecture or from your homework? If you have to learn by watching (visual), get a DVD or a person to teach you. If you learn by reading (cognitively), then go buy yourself a theory primer.
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Private lessons traditional allow the student to absorb knowledge the easiest, but this is not always the case. I am self taught and I can pwn all my friends in songwriting, theory, and technical skills. I suggest trying a teacher, but if you feel like you can learn just as much by yourself then go for it. However, don't fool yourself into thinking that you are ever too good for scales, warmups, learning more theory, or any other kind of guitar related musical advancement. If you do decide to teach yourself always be on the search for more knowledge, thats how I learned.
Yea I've been searching for a teacher around here.....the closest one is about 20 miles away and my van is a gas guzzler. Hopefully one turns up soon.