Hey all... finally i sat down and made a full song, I don't know exactly what genre you would classify it in, but I like to think of it in my head as metal. So, it's metal.

No solo... not too great at the solo scene yet, just 2 guitars, haven't made a drum or bass track yet... but I'm gettin there.

thanks for reading/listening
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Pretty cool song...although some of the tremolo picked fills probably weren't necessary. I liked your use of panning especially...I pay alot of attention to panning in my songs too. Genre wise, I would define it as metal. Overall, I would say work on it some more and add some more instruments if you can.
Thanks for the comments...

I put an updated version in my first post, added a bass, and fixed a few things here and there, and redid the whole interlude thing. still workin on the drums.

and i took out that tremolo fill thing, and i think it sounds alot better now, thanks.
Okay to post again...

i updated it once again... it has drums now, please tell me what you think... thanks