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Im wondering what type of guitars (Electric or accoustic) that these bands used:

Crowded House
Cold Chisel
Split Enz (Yeah technically NZ)
Midnight Oil
Men at work
Hunters & Collectors
Gang Gajang
The Black Sorrows
Crowded House - Hrm, I know Tim and Neil Finn use Maton Acoustics
Icehouse - No idea
Cold Chisel - I'm fairly certain Ian Moss is a Fender Stratocaster man
Split Enz - see Crowded House, no idea on their electric gear
Midnight Oil - no idea
Men at Work - no idea
Hunters & Collectors - Fender Stratocaster
Gang Gajang - no idea
The Black Sorrows - not 100% sure but I kinda remember their frontman using a Telecaster

Most light aussie rock bands seem to gravitate towards Fenders. The heavier bands (Jet, Wolfmother, AC/DC) generally use Gibsons.
In the mid 70's I think it was AC/DC Sold their old Marshall amps to then up and coming Aussie band, The Angels.

Mark McEntee of Divinyls used a series of Gibsons and a nice 12 string Rickenbaker.

I'd like to know more about Billy Thorpes guitar rig, I'm sure he also used Gibsons