Ok I need some good beginning solos that will challenge me but help me out in the end, ex. not as easy as smells like teen spirit ,but not as hard as through the fire and flames I play mostly thrash metal ,some speed metal and classic rock thanks in advance
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canon rock by jerry c

Ur a funny guy, thats a pretty insane solo, but its by far not even close to the best. Umm how long have u been playing? If youve been playing for 1+ years you might be able 2 get stairway down. The 1st solo in comfortabally numb. The 1st solo in One by Metallica.
paranoid by blacksabbath is a little tricky around the solo portion, and if you really want a tricky solo try out children of the grave.
Good dealings with:
Smoke on the water - Deep Purple
Paranoid - Black sabbath
Stairway... it's fairly easy, just longish
Cinnamon Girl - Neil young (okay this ones easier than teen spirit though haha)
FreeLicks.net has the video tutorial on the Fade To Black solo. I am a very green beginner but that wasn't too tough for me to learn. I still can't play the fast parts up to speed, but I am hitting the notes consistently.
1st solo in fade to black is great. it's got the speed that you can develop in that fast part, but it's very melodic and doesn't really rely on speed to get it's point accross, thus as a developing beginner it'll still sound good once you get all the notes down, and u can work on the speed section.
Honestly, i can't see myself if you've been playing for just over a year how you can play the Stairway solo. I mean, you'd have to be playing it pretty damn slow, and even then the finger's and really strong, swift and accurate enough for that solo i reckon. Hell, i can't play it, i'm not really a lead player i guess but even so. If my guitar teacher taught me it on a one-to-one basis i might be able to get it, but certainly i wouldn't on my own.
Sunshine of your love (I'm learning it myself). Lots of bending in there so it's all good practice.
lmao, i dont know how long you've been playing but if you can play the beginning solos to ghosts of war or no remorse you're my mother ****ing god!!!



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Living Loving Maid. Although that's probably too easy by a lot. Definitely Sunshine of Your Love. I knew that all at one point, then promptly forgot it.
What? I though the No Remorse intro was considered beginner? Ummm I'd have to say...

Fade to Black(all solos)
One(intro solo)

Along with that I'd say anything by Clapton(which will also show you a lot of phrasing).
Theres a beginner solos thread in the tab talk forum.
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