i love mine....its a very unique cut and unique sound...so you should make sure its what your looking for.

when i was at the store i played a gibson SG standard, and a gibson faded sg special. Originally i was going to buy a standard with a voc ad30vt...but they had this beautiful fender deville 2x12 for 500$ used and in great playing condition, so i eneded up getting that and the faded special.

The faded special plays great...the standard is much better and does feel better...but i think i came out with a much better sound then if i got the standard and the vox.
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i love everything about them, im saving up for an 80s standard, the current one i have is one of gibsons gimmick models (the voodoo) and i absolutely love it, great pickups, ebony fretboard, lightweght ash body, amazing.
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Gibson SG Faded Special = Horrible

Gibson SG Special = Horrible

Gibson SG Classic = Nice

Gibson SG Standard = Nice

Basically, don't get anything with "Special" in the name and you'll get a good guitar.

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i wouldnt call the specials horrible, they arent the best for sure, but they are perfectly decent guitars, maybe a bit overpriced though.
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