Hey, I own a Fender Nashville tele and I want to change the pick ups on it a little bit. This one has the two standard tele pick ups plus the tex mex single coil in the middle. One of my my first ideas was to change the two single coil pickups out for humbuckers (made to replace single coils) because i wanted a more rock and roll sound. But then I thought that might defeat the purpose of the tele twang and I considered investing in the fender noiseless tele pick ups and a humbucker to replace the additional single coil (I am not even sure if this arrangement would work).

If anyone could suggest a good combination of new pick ups or give me an idea of how my ideas would sound like, it would be very helpful. I already put sperzels on the guitar so I figure I will just practice modding out this guitar to gain experience instead of buying a new one.

Hope to hear from someone!
I made a tele a few years ago, and i geuss you could call it a nashville fat tele. i have a humbucker (seymour duncan pearly gates) in the bridge, a lace sensor in the middle, and i think a duncan noiseless tele stack in the neck. I have the pearly gates coil tapped to preserve that sweet twang, and all the pickups sound really good. so if if you really want a humbucker, but still want the twang, i suggest coil tapping.
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Leave the Tele Bridge pickup...or get a new Tele Bridge style one. That's the Tele sound right there. I really like Tex-Mex's, but if you don't like it you might look at some SD's or Swineshead's perhaps.
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