I've recently read that Juan Alderete from the Mars Volta is getting his own signature Fender Jazz. I read it on Wikipedia, which said it was originally posted on the Racer X website. I went to the Racer X site and sure enough, there it was. They even had a picture of Juan playing it live. I like it. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Here's the link...
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he is a really good bassist. can't wait to here what he can play on the new Mars volta album out now.
What pick-ups are they?
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Are Darkstars the ones Jaco de Lucia (sp?) was talking about, the ones that are like $500+ each?
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Well I am not that fond of Jazz basses but throw some darkstars in one it might be worth it
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Are Darkstars the ones Jaco de Lucia (sp?) was talking about, the ones that are like $500+ each?

Not all of them are $500 each. Mr. De Lucia's were to cost that much because he had to have them built specially for 5 poles in the size of a 4 banger pup.
Fender will be releasing the Juan Alderete Signature Series Bass. Made in the Custom Shop, the bass will feature the following:

Fender Jazz body
Fender Jazz 1964 re-issue rosewood fretboard neck
Hipshot Vintage tuning keys
Hipshot Dtuner
Hipshot Ultralight bridge
Fender Stack Pot volume/tone pots. (Passive)
Black body with a red tortoise shell pickguard.
Dual Dark Star pickups.

should be a sick bass. Custom shot = a lotta $$$ though.
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The cool thing is, since virtually nobody knows Juan, you can ask for "That Juan Alderete bass" and get it from a music shop... whereas having that custom shop Jaco might be a bit harder.

And yeah, Darkstars are usually 200-250 a piece, I believe.