OK so when learning scales do i need to learn the whole scale all the down the fretboard? Or just the basics that start at the very top?
I would say that if you can't go up and down the fretboard, you haven't really "learned" the scale. It's really up to you what you want to do; you don't NEED to do anything...
Its true I don't need to. I guess what I am asking is that when most people learn scales, (being taught by a teacher ect.) is it taught so thats its all the way up and down the fret board? Because I guess I was assuming I only needed to know the top part. So I guess what I wanna know is, would the normal way of learning scales to be all the way up and down it?
I would say learn each shape of the scale, aswell as the formula, and try and get both working smoothly together...Sorry if that makes no sense, I suck at explaining and I got college in a minute
Aha I think this is new info to me, there is a shape to a scale? and how do you apply that? Unless you mean shape as in what frets you need to play through out the whole scale?
You should learn the scale over two octaves. This is best practice. I'll tab out the major scale over two octaves for you later, with the "correct" fingering
Thanks alot, I was practicing the first 4 frets. Than ran across this problem when I was studying some music theory. I will just adjust it to my normal practice session.
I would say start at the bottom, and squeeze it flat as you go to the top.

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There's a great book called the Bass Grimoire which covers all the scales you'll ever wish to learn on bass. I rarely use it, but I own it and occasionally thumb through it because it has all the nifty scales.
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Learn your scales up the full fret board and the scale patterns. This will form the basis for your arpeggios and your walking bass lines. It will do wonders for learning songs by "ear" and for building your own bass lines to songs, and let you transpose to any key a singer or lead guitarist may throw at you.

I never heard of the Bass Grimoire, I'll have to check that out.
I learned all my scales on the guitar...of course I know them all over because you gotta solo you know. It comes in handy.
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you know what i love about playing scales on the guitar, its the same finger pattern so its DAMN EASY to learn
and no you dont play scales along the fretboard, more like you play across it from 6th string to first
yeah scales on guitar are easy as ****. Bass is much more difficult. Once you learn a few scales you can figure out a lot of them. I don't usually use scales unless i'm just shredding for a fill in a show.