Sick song choice. Not often you see true metal songs in the R&R section. Where'd you get the backing track?

At the part starting at :55, I think you're playing it a different way. I play it an octave lower, but that's just me.

The bridge before the solo is pretty messy, work on that.

Everything else was fine. Not bad, just practice some more.
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thanks dude.i'll work on getting all of it down. i used the guitar pro drums and bass as backing track
first off this song is awesome, especially the live one, sounds sloppy in a few places, the breakdown at 129 sounded pretty good, the riff after that, was very off in timing at spots, no solo???? booo, jk, pretty good, just practice up
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sounds pretty cool dude, few little things wrong with it, the breakdown before the tapping noticably but overall nice.
Sweet deal, we're playing a full cover of this song at a gig on Sunday. It's awesome. Ok, now time to listen. Mmkay, it sounds pretty good. Some minor errors, but it's still alright. You should learn the solo sometime, it's actually pretty easy.

Oh yeah, where did you find the backing at? Could you hook me up?
pretty good, a few messups here and there, but not bad.
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