I can solo and I know the fingerings of the scales but my biggest problem at the moment is finding which chords go hand in hand with which scales and modes. Does anybody know a good way of figuring them out?
If your playing major or minor scales you can just use whatever chords are in the key of that scale. If your playing modally here are some chords whci you can use with different modes......... Ionian: major, maj7, maj9,maj11,maj13. Dorian:minor, min7 min9, min11, min13, Phrygian: min, min7 min7b9, min11b13, Lydian: maj,maj7 maj9#11, maj13#11. Mixolydian: maj, dom7, dom9, dom11, dom13. Aeolian:min, min7 min9, min11,min13. Locrian dim, min7b5b9, m11b5b9, m11b5b9b13. If you just wanna use power chords they go with any mode apart from locrian. If you need you know what chords go in what key you should look up an article on the circle of 5ths. Hope this is at least a little bit helpful.
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It's best to take the approach of layin out chords first then soloing over them. I find that always helps me get the best out of my solos. I usually stick to easy chord/scale combinations, such as the C major scale (or the A minor pentatonic) and play these over the chords which go with them (eg. C, G, Em, Am, etc). The only other scale i use is G major which isnt that much different from C major. However when it comes to solos for songs for which I havent used a defined key (mostly metal music) I would prefer to scrap the scales.