glorious people of UG,i need help

i dont know what any of these knobs/buttons/switches do!! hell i dont even know how an amp/multi fx really works,i just switched to electric for a little while and all i can do is just plug in and crank it up,occasionally id mess with the knobs till it sounds okay

i wonder if anyone could help me know how it works,are there sites for this or somethin' i need good advice cuz it makes me really feel noobish
ok .... well it'd help to be more specific but i might be able to help you.

default, defacto knobs.

volume is an obvious one.

gain/distortion - also obvious, adjust the simulation of tube saturation, how distorted the signal is etc.

tone - you may have this one, it's like the tone knob on your guitar, leave it turned up to let everything through, turn it down to eliminate the higher frequencies, the more you turn it down, the more high frequencies of sound you eliminate.


low - adjusts the lower freqencies of your tone, ie we're talking about bassy sounds here, the low stuff, turn it up to give yourself more bass, turn it down to limit the bass.

high - adjusts the higher pitches of your town, max it out to hear your guitar scream, turn it down a bit if you want to tame those high notes.

mids - everything inbetween, essentially an acoustic guitar or a guitar in it's raw form is a mids based instrument. turning the mids down emphasizes the highs and lows, turning it up rounds out the signal.


Which multifx? maybe we can help - but every multifx is different.
okay got that!
how about the FX,i need to know the different sounds and which is used for which,im using a vox FX pedal
i only need the basic stuff,like how to mix sounds up
and whats reverb and delay,what do those do
really appreciate your help!