Just a quick question. What do the boys from Iron Maiden use as their strats. Are they like, American standards or deluxes? Are they modded or stock? Thanks
Hi there, I got this from www.maidenfans.com and they got it from some magazine

Dave Murray uses:

2 Jackson Custom Shop Stratocaster
2 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
1 Gibson Chet Atkins semi-acoustic

Adrian Smith uses :

Ibanez Destroyer
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson SG
Lado 2003 Earth
Lado 2001 Earth (both with Floyd Rose tremolo)
Dean Baby ML
Hamer Scarab

Janick Gers uses:

4 Fender Stratocasters from the seventies with Seymour Duncan Hot Rails (srry I translated it from French and couldn't understand every word of it)

And he also has the Gibson Chet Atkins semi-acoustic

I hope this helps you out

Peace out

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