I've been trying to learn to playy by ear for 2 months now and I'm getting really frustrated with it. I can work out solos, but I have an extremly hard time with chords (not power chords) in a song. Does anyone have any suggestions or web sites that help train your ear? I was thinking of trying that Perfect Pitch program in the magazines. Does anyone have any expereince with that?
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It will take time. You can't expect to be able to do it all perfectly right off.
Don't get too fet up about it being 100% perfect.

I also have lots of trouble with chourds. I don't know weather there's any other special way to do it. I know it's something to do with being able to hear the intervals but not sure.
Me and my friend do this:

We both have guitars and we stand back to back. I strum a chord and he has to name it. If he gets it right, he strums a chord and I name it.

By ear I know E minor A minor G major A major E major D major D minor F major and C major. It takes a damned long time and barre chords are hardest to get.
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but as a helpful hint
you know powerchords because you recognise the 1st and the 5th right? its easily noticed because yoyu've heard it in ALOT of songs.
I suggest you play dominant chords (7th chords, e.g. 7th, major 7th, minor 7th) and recognise the sound that the seventh note makes with a chord.
try this with alot of chords to get used to it.
i suppose start out with normal chords, i.e. major minor, because they contain only 3 notes. The 7th chords contain 4 and then u can branch out.
good luck, its a real helpful skill to have, to recognise songs and play along with them without neccessarily learning it
go in a logical order. play a song and find the tonic chord. then try to hear when it comes back. next, learn what a V sounds like, and what it sounds like going to I. listen for that. learn II V I, IV V I, etc. learn what a circle of fifths progression sounds like. then learn what secondary dominants sound like, especially the common ones. itll be easier to learn that way.
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Know any good teachers in NY, especially skilled in teaching ear training? Tell me