Nice tone on the guitar. Didnt like the vox too much...try singing a bit deeper to get that Cash-old-person voice. Sorry but I didnt like the chorus that much...It went kinda tuneless, which I guess is the NIN influence, but putting them both together doesnt really work. But again, guitar work is cool

yeah not too bad. i thought the singing was pretty solid, not sure how i feel about when you really start singing in the chorus though, got better near the end of the first chorus but when you first kicked it into gear i got a little scared. Guitar is solid but sounds cluttered during the chorus relative to the verse. The vocals need a little work, maybe simplify them a bit during the verse (dont oversing it.) As for the chorus, i actually like the voice now that i hear it more the second time you do it, its just more your own sound instead of you trying to sound like someone else, but it doesnt work very well with this song (not deep enough, but would sound great on some more indie/punk and (with no intention to insult you if you're against it) emo style music. Anyways to recap: solid cover and good recording quality.