I worked on this song for about two weeks now... I'm dizzy because of all the editing lol, and I wanted to see if people liked it. It's pretty good so far, one of my best I think. But I'm still in the editing phase, and I only put about one minute of it.

Guitars, pianos, keyboards are played by me. The drum line is programmed. And the vocals might be recorded again... Though I've been told they're good.

Download at:


If you like this, also download Frozen Inside... It's also a pretty good recording.
- aL -
omg, amazing quality, not really my style, but good music is my style, you have a very good voice, i'm sure the chicks would dig it, i just am not into that kind of singing, set aside my tastes in music, this is godly.

why'd it cut off at 48 seconds?
As in, gobias a cup of coffee