hi guys .. i'm a big fan of the old metallica ..

cliff burton is driving me crazy "r.i.p cliff"

but i found myself buying a bass .. and i don't know how to start

i didn't play bass or guitar b4 .. what should i do now ..

some friends told me that i can get the tabs from the internet and just start to play !

is that enough or what ?
To play most of Cliffs more famous stuff you'll need a distortion pedal, at the very least.

Yes you can teach yourself from the internet, so I say go to it, man, and good luck!
Feel free to ignore my ranting.

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thanks for ur replies guys ..

but do u think that just trying to play the bass lines of the songs that i like is enough ?!
learn loads of the theory aswell, thats probably better to learn when you begin playing than just songs/ riffs