I need a better overdrive pedal than i already have. I have a Boss Overdrive/Distortion pedal right now but its not really giving me the led zeppelin sound i want, so can someone tell me what a good overdrive pedal to get that would give me that kind of sound?
Are you looking for overdrive or distortion? For both, I would look at either an Ibanez Tubescreamer or a Fulldrive 2.
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^ get a tube amp, then, and run it at 10.
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For zeppelin you need a fuzz, not an OD. Look for a copy of a MKII Tonebender, such as the Fulltone Soulbender.
Haha, why the hell do you want an overdrive with a Line 6? Get a valve amp, then use an overdrive with that.
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Overdrives are designed to work with Tube amps. They basically cause the pre-amp valves to distorte, and this is not possible if your amp has none. With the amp you have only distortion pedals would help.

If you get a Tube amp, look into Tubes Screamer, or Maxon OD
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