I want to buy a new guitar.
The perfect guitar for my budget is a elitist sg 61 faded, but the problem is that the guitar is out of production and very hard to get. In Belgium, Europe that is.
The price is about 800 euros.
But should i consider buying a lower end sg of Epiphone and replace the stock pickups with 57 classics like on the Gibson's SGs
the price would be the same i guess.
Which option do you suggest?
try to find and play a gibson sg special faded, see if you like it (I own one and love it).

or you could drive over to Köln (it's not THAT far away) to get the Epiphone Elitist.
ever thought at buying a second handed one? I also live in Belgium and you should check out ebay, kapaza.be, totaalzoeker.be, you can find a lot of good guitars for less money