Songbird does it for me but that's because it's a personal thing.
Jeff Buckley, "Lover You Should've Come Over," or his cover of "Hallelujiah." "Hallelujiah" is simple finger picking. "Lover You Should've Come Over" will give you a decent chord work out if you play it correctly.
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Sugar Ray - Time after time
Sugar Ray - When its over
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Jeff Buckley - Last goodbye
Mathbox Twenty - Hang
Counting Crows - Round here
REM - Everybody Hurts (easy)
J Geils Band - Love Stinks
Judas Priest - Turbo Lover
Gwar - Sexecutioner
All I could think of...
Temple of the Dog - Call me a Dog
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
Afghan Whigs - When We Two Parted
Cracker - Ain't Gonna Suck Itself
Billy Bragg - Levi Stubbs Tears
Peter frampton- Baby I love your ways
Led Zepplin- Babe I'm going to leave you
Clapton- Wonderful tonight (if you can pull off all the bends and play it accoustic then you have it)
Dave Matthews- Crash, Stay or leave, Oh, Trouble, Baby
Sufjan Stevens- Cashmir Pulaski Day
Goo Goo Dolls- Name
Jack Johnson- Do you remember
Simon and Garfunkel- Song for the asking
Iron and wine- Such great heights (the cover of the postal service)
Death Cab for Cutie- Follow you into the dark (very sad song though be careful)
The Beatles- Yesterday
Bright eyes- Lua
Coldplay- Clocks or the Scientist
Oasis- Wonderwall
James blunt- You're Beautiful
but do you know what works ever single time. Write your own song and sing it to a girl. I did that and my girlfriend almost started crying. That is always the way to go or at least with me it is.
always with me always with you by satriani
hollow years by dream theater
both are awesome and mega emotional if your a guitar whiz. plus no vocals needed on the satriani one.

EDIT: and just so can be the first in an inevitable occurence on these types of threads...
play "entrails ripped from a virgins c**t" by Cannibal corpse or "raped with a knife"

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QOTSA - Mosquito Song - love that tune. Pretty easy to play.
Stone Temple Pilots - Atlanta - probably better from the ladies point of view.
Alice in Chains - Nutshell / Brother - both are f'ing awesome!!
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Whispering a prayer - Steve Vai
A Love Eternal - Satriani
Lost Without You - Petrucci
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Nothing Else Matters- Metallica
Not so much of a love song but its still emotional

Not much of a love song?! WTF is it then?! but i have to agree that it would be a great song to play!
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Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Pink Floyd - Mother
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd - Fat Old Sun
Pink Floyd - Pigs on the Wing
Chris Cornell - Preaching the End of the World (TONS of chord changes in this song, very fun to play and sing)
Iron and Wine - Such Great Heights
UG won't let me quote but I agree with Toucan Sam's post (especially the Sufjan)

But I'd change the Coldplay to Don't Panic or especially Sparks
I'd also add
Elliott Smith - 2:45 am
Jason Collett - We All Lose One Another
Radiohead - Karma Police
Refused - The Appollo Programme Was A Hoax

and any Tom Waits ballad if you want to go into piano
Metallica - Nothing else matters
Liquid Tension Experiment - State of Grace
Judas Priest - Angel (well...the first part )
Far Away - Nickelback
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Personal Favorites

Still Got the Blues / Gary Moore
Lost Without You / John Petrucci
Oh! Sweet Nuttin' / The Velvet Underground
Home Sweet Home / Motley Crue
Lord Knowns / Badlands
Since I've Been Loving You / Led Zeppelin
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You / Led Zeppelin
Searching / Joe Satriani

My favorites are Lost Without You and Oh! Sweet Nuttin', though.
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hm.. a love song. well, if ya like singing and don't mind that james taylor is the biggest wuss ever: Handy Man by James Taylor. Another good one is a song by The Spill Canvas called Self Conclusion. amazing. There are a bunch of others, but those 2 should do the trick.
I've always loved the imagery of Simon and Garfunkel's For Emily Wherever I May Find Her.
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Not much of a love song?! WTF is it then?!

erm its about like doing your best in life and succeeding at what you want to be (or thats what it says to me) and the first verse was something hetfields grandad said on his death bed i do believe, so not really a love song to be honest
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Reaction+Shevanel, Take 2 by Between The Buried And Me
Broken - Seether

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

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i say momma im coming home by ozzy, maybe it wasnt emotional to you but it is too me, and also babe im gonna leave you by zepp

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